Archiver for RAR & ZIP

Archiver for RAR & ZIP

Archiver for RAR & ZIP

Archiver for RAR & ZIP is the best file archiver in the Windows Store!

With Archiver for RAR & ZIP you can archive / unarchive Zip files (Zip and UnZip) and unpack RAR files (UnRAR) very easily.

App features:

- High degree compression;

- High-speed archiving;

- High speed unzipping;

- Zip files: Zip & UnZip.

- RAR files: UnRAR.

- Support of multivolume archives.

- Can unpack the archive with a password.

- Support for formats that can decompress: ".zip", ".7z", ".bz2", ".bzip2", ".gz", ".gzip", ".tgz", ".tar", ".rar", ".xz", ".cab", ".iso", ".lzma", ".cpio", ".ar", ".lzip", ".lzop", ".lz4"

- Support for formats that can compress: ".zip", ".gz", ".bz2", ".7z", "*.xz", ".iso", ".lzma", ".cpio", ".ar", ".lzip", ".lzop", ".lz4"

Instruction for using the program:

You need to open the application and select Create Archive or Open Archive on the home page.

Create Archive. You need to enter the name of the archive, select the extension, select output folder, add files and folders and click on Pack.

Open Archive. The file picker is opened. In the file picker you need to find and open the desired archive, select output folder, click Unpack.

Archiver for RAR & ZIP


Archiver for RAR & ZIP